this men’s got style !!!

They always wear the latest and trendiest clothes, not only in the Tv series Gossip Girl on Stage, or in Sport Activities, but also in real life. How to dress like them? and that for less money? I’m going to show you that in a few days….stay tuned

Ed Westwick








Kanye West








David Beckham



2 Antworten zu “this men’s got style !!!

  1. I find David Backham and Kanye west have style. But Ed Westwick not at all. In the left picture he looks as if he came from the 18th century. Short trousers, a thick pullover and long socks… and the colour combination 😦 … That doesen`t wok at all (in my oppinion)!!!!

  2. I must admit that the outfit is not his best here, but generally he runs around already stylish. And fashion is indeed a matter of taste, one likes it one not 🙂

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