Marni for H&M my opinion !!!!

Marni for H&M my opinion !!!!

my opinion:

I visited today a H&M Store in Munich to see the Marni Kollektion in live and I have to say that I was very disappointed with it. When I first saw the commercial I thought wauw very cool clothes and I had a lot of pieces in mind where I thought that I would buy them but I bought nothing!. In real the pieces don’t looked so special as everybody said . I hope that H&M would find another designer collaboration soon which is more creative than the Marni collection…….!


5 Antworten zu “Marni for H&M my opinion !!!!

  1. I was at the VIP editor’s shopping cocktail party the night before the public could buy it, at the 5th Avenue, NYC store. I will say that the accessories were my favorite items, but the cute plastic necklaces were the first things snapped-up. Other cute items were the red military belts and the straw hat.

  2. design gotta be cooler, but designers are limited by H&M as H&M hat to stay at a certain price.. businnes beats fashion.. this is why e.g. Manolo Blanik doesnt want to work with H&M

  3. Well it is not the same than buying the real designer cloth and accessories, of course. Nobody would want to pay regular luxury fashion any more! In my opinion the design is pretty good but the quality lacks.

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